The Families Advocate, LLC - Licensed Fiduciary Services
Our Mission is to provide quality affordable fiduciary services to persons that are vulnerable due to age, incapacity, mental illness or for clients that have passed away.
The Families Advocate will provide solutions to ensure the protection of your vulnerable loved one.  We may also provide that familial support that may be absent from an at risk client, neighbor or friend, now or in the future when a caretaker is unable to continue providing service.
To ensure our clients quality of life, that their property is secure and their estate is being utilized for their benefit, The Families Advocate will develop a person centered, needs based management plan that further promotes the sustainability of our client's estates.
If the client has already passed, The Families Advocate will settle their estate timely and efficiently for the benefit of all beneficiaries. 
Agent under Power of Attorney
Personal Representative
Court Accounts 
The Families Advocate is
the trunk that supports
your family tree.
Licensed. Bonded. Insured.
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